Railing Solutions

Our Micro Rail is perfect for low wind situations. It has all the same features of our standard rail, making it an easy choice for new projects. 

The Standard Rail is our best selling railing. It was made for the ease of installers and with the use of our T-Bolts, and other innovative products, installation has never been easier. 

Our Heavy Duty Rail was designed for longer spans between the attachments, keeping the same easy to use features as our standard rail. It's unique profile keeps strength up and costs down. A good choice for Megawatt Installations.  

Micro Rail 

Heavy Duty Rail 

The newest addition to the line is the Wire Track Rail. It is the rail for longer spans between attachments. It has the additional feature of a track for running the wiring to the panels, keeping your installation clean and easy. 

Wire Track Rail 

PCM Solar

Solar Racking Solutions

Standard Rail 

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