PCM Solar provides racking solutions for the Solar Installation field. Our unique skills and experience allow us to design, prototype, and finally manufacture  the ideal solution to keep your install costs down. We proudly offer one of  a kind products made in America, by Americans.  

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   PCM & SL Plota Co. opened for business in 1996. Originally focused on industrial process automation, we excel at problem solving and streamlining processes. After venturing into production manufacturing, PCM proudly opened two branches of business aimed at giving back to the world around us. The first was a Medical Waste division, the second was a Solar Racking division. As PCM Solar, founded in 2011, we have helped over 100 installers put green energy on the map in Florida.

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   PCM Solar offers many tools to help get the job done. Our unique ability to design with the customers needs in mind, prototype and pull test our products, and finally produce them on a large scale puts us in a category above standard racking suppliers. We will work with you to get the engineering information you need for your project as well. We can deliver the product to your installation site. We also have a Managed Vendor Inventory Program designed to keep you installing and spending less time with inventory. 

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